Author Since: May 6, 2021
5 Types of Interactive Content Generating Buzz in 2021

Interactive content creates two-way interactivity between the brand and its audience. Research shows that interactive content gets twice the engagement of static content. What interactive content is generating the most buzz in 2021?Here are five types to incorporate in your content strategy:

1. Clickable Infographics

Infographics get mor...

Display Advertising: What is it and How to Get Started

  In this digital world where everyone is always looking at a screen, advertising can often seem annoying and irrelevant. However, this is not always the case. Digital advertising is as popular now as ever. The latest eMarketer research forecasts that digital ad spending will grow by 21.1% in 2021. These compelling statistics are proof that...

Semi-Annual Small Business Needs Index: Strength and Optimism is Still Present

The past year was one that no small business could have prepared for as the COVID-19 pandemic forced worldwide stay-at-home orders and subsequent shutdowns. On top of their usual expectations to adapt to changing customer needs, many had to figure out how to digitally transform in order to survive. Now, over one year into the pandemic, many are sti...

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